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Introducing Medal Premium!!!

No clout? Since the dawn of time, people have struggled to make their aces to go places. The struggle is over! Go from mainstream to supreme with Medal Premium!!!

With Premium, you’ll enjoy features like .gif profile pic support, highlighted comments and clips, up to 10-minute clip upload times, exclusive early supporter badges, and MORE! Excited? You should be! Here’s everything you need to know…

Show off your personality with .gif profile pics

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, how many do you think a .gif is worth? With Premium, static profile pictures are a thing of the past. Upload your favorite .gif as your profile pic to show off even more of your personality, your dog, or even a .gif of your favorite headshot…because why not?

Stop the scroll with highlighted clips & comments

We both know your hilarious one-liner and crazy comeback ace deserves to be seen, but when there’s an endless sea of clips and comments it’s difficult to stand out. You aren’t just another username or clip in the crowd with Premium. How? Every comment and clip you make as a Premium subscriber is highlighted making sure they’re more likely to get noticed.

Say bye-bye to 2-minute clip limits and watermarks

Ok, we get it. You’re killing it the entire match and you want to show off the whole game. Or maybe you have an idea for an AMAZING montage but don’t want to cram it all into a short clip. With Premium, you can upload clips up to 10 minutes long — and then download them without watermarks.

But wait there’s more!

With Premium, you’ll enjoy all of the amazing features we described above, as well as these awesome features 👀

But wait there’s STILL more!

Act now to receive THE EXCLUSIVE Founding Supporter badge. This is a limited-time offer, so act now while supplies last!

👉Subscribe today! 👈



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