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Introducing Music on Medal — Powered by SoundCloud

Gamers are known for discovering music and spreading it — whether you’re a CS:GO player in the US fragging to Swedish Heavy Metal band In Flames, a RuneScape player PKing to Fort Minor — the gaming community is responsible for taking music genres from all over the world, creating content with it, and creating fans everywhere. Today, we’re excited to introduce Music to the Medal Platform, with partners like SoundCloud, Liquicity, and more. These features are now live across PC, Mobile, and Web.

Six months ago, we started thinking about what music on Medal would look like. Gamers care deeply about supporting new artists, and new artists are deeply involved in gaming communities. Medal is going to be the easiest way for emerging artists to get discovered in the gaming community, and with ~1 million gaming videos created per day on Medal, shared all over the internet, it is the perfect place for emerging artists to grow their reach in the gaming community.

We partnered up with SoundCloud to streamline this process. SoundCloud is the world’s largest open audio platform, and home to more than 30M artists, including some of the most exciting emerging talent, making them an ideal partner to fuel discovery on Medal. If you sync with SoundCloud, you will get access to a large library of 600+ songs. Don’t have a SoundCloud account? No problem, you can make one as you connect the service.

If you are an upcoming artist with a SoundCloud account and want to add your music to Medal, please email

Attention Medal Creators: Clips with music will rank higher in our feeds due to the higher entertainment value. We recommend adding music to every clip.

Adding Music to your Medal Clips

Step 1: When editing a clip, hit “Add Music” on the top right

Step 2: You’ll be prompted to create a SoundCloud account, or log in with your existing SoundCloud account. This will sync your Medal and SoundCloud account. You can choose to show your SoundCloud profile URL on your Medal profile also. You can skip this option for a more limited library.

Step 3: You now have access to SoundCloud’s catalog. Simply add the music and drag the segment of the music you would like to use, and hit “Save Edits”. Click a title to listen to the song on SoundCloud. We are working on making your own music on SoundCloud available automatically as well in the near future.

Step 4: Your music is now available in your clip. When viewing your clip, your audience will be able to access the song through SoundCloud, no matter where they view from!

Here’s what it looks like

And this is what it looks like on PC

Listen to a song preview and visit the original song on SoundCloud

It also works on web!

On web, a track is visible and playable with a simple link

There’s more too!

Everything we’ve been working on this year so far is shipped with this update.

Admin toggle (Maximize Clip performance)

Under Settings > Recorder > Other | Video, this option will set Medal to Admin mode. Running Medal in Admin mode will give more priority to Medal in the GPU. Medal will be able to use more resources to give you smoother clips!

By default, Medal does not maximize clip performance over game performance (the clip will take a frame hit before the game does). This reverses that if you choose to do so.

Note: You may see a small impact to your game FPS on lower to mid-range PCs. If you find the performance cost to much, you can disable this option or lower your clip quality settings.

Game Aspect Ratio

Medal now has the ability to output video in Game Aspect Ratio. If you used to have big black bars around your clips, especially on ultra-wide monitors, this should fix that.

What clips looked like before on ultrawide:

What they look like now:

Advanced Window Capture

Under Settings > Recorder > Special Features, this option will fix any and all Game out of Focus errors.

Note: This feature will add a yellow border around the window being capture. The border is a Windows Security feature and cannot be disabled by Medal.

Other Fixes

  1. Game Audio Only Mode now supports OpenGL games like Minecraft!
  2. Local trimming edits now process much quicker
  3. Clip and video fixes for black and white videos outputted, full season recording, and adv window capture.
  4. Outro length when sharing to Discord reduced from 5 seconds to 1.27 seconds. Or 1.28 depending on which player you use. We’ll never know the truth.

We hope you enjoy these updates. To get Medal, visit



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