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Introducing: Pins, Trending Meme Discovery, Medalversaries, and More…

We’re bringing in the summer with another 🔥 update. We have been in overdrive working on improving your quality of life within the Medal app. To do this we added pinned clips, trending Meme Template discovery, Medal Join Dates on profiles, and more. 🎉

Secure the Perfect First Impression With Pins

First impressions can make or break you… so why not make sure your favorite clip is at the top of your profile? That way you can ensure anyone discovering you for the first time knows exactly what you’re about — right from the start. With pinned clips, you can do just that!

While scrolling through your profile, choose your funniest, most amazing, or most jaw-dropping clip that defines you best as a player. Then click the three dots on the top right of the clip and click “Pin”. Boom. Perfect first impression secured 🤝

Discover Meme Trends Right From Your For You page

Wanna meme with the best of ’em, but you’re not sure which Meme Templates are trending on Medal? We gotchu. Now, on your Medal For You page, we’ll display the trendiest memes at the top of the page — so you can stay in the know and add trending Meme Templates to your clips with a click.

We also improved how Meme Templates are displayed while you’re browsing clips! See a meme you like in a clip? Hover over “memes” to see a preview of the memes used and add them effortlessly to your clips!

Never Forget Your Medalversary Again

We added your Medal Join Date to your profile so you can accurately flex about how long you’ve been using Medal. So now, when your friends ask you “hey, so how long have you been using Medal?” You can answer with an exact date instead of “uhh, idk a year or two I guess.”

🛠️ Fixes and Improvements 🛠️

In addition to all that awesome we just mentioned, we’ve made even MORE improvements and squashed tons of bugs…check it out 👀

  • Ask and you shall receive! We’ve disabled media keys (play, pause, etc. keyboard shortcuts) thanks to your feedback!
  • Hovering over clips in your library is more responsive and better looking.
  • The template list now loads lightning fast.
  • Clicking undo no longer breaks music — woops.
  • Your clip will now pause as you add your template.
  • Templates without time manipulation VFX can overlap — so you don’t have to choose just one.
  • Right-click on Edit & Share now opens either editor OR preview
  • Opening the editor for the first time loads everything you need, so it’s lightning-fast when you open it a second time.
  • Some of the templates were bugging out on iOS…don’t worry…they’re fixed now.
  • When you click “Save to Library” it’ll just save to the library instead of just randomly uploading — wow!

We love hearing from you and we’d love for you to suggest new features. If you have any questions about this update or any other Medal feature, you can always contact support.

If you’re interested in testing out features before official releases make sure you head over to Medal Early Access.



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