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Introducing Quick Clip Previews

Just when you thought we were done with updates we’re back at it again! In this update, we focused on your feedback, and as a result, we’re releasing one of our favorite features yet — quick Clip Previews.

Excited? Yeah, so are we, so let’s jump right into it!

New Clip Previews

Previewing, trimming, and sharing your clips to your socials is now easier than ever before. When browsing clips in your library, sometimes you just want to reminisce — or maybe you want to upload a clip, but all it needs to be perfect is a quick trim.

Now when you click a clip in your library, a preview opens up right away. From there you can trim, add your clip caption, and publish in a snap. Need to make a few more tweaks? Just click “Open in Editor” and edit to your heart’s content.

Adding Templates is Easy

While watching your gameplay in the Clip Preview, you might have a sudden realization that your crazy headshot is perfect for the Will Smith Slap Template. Say no more. Just click on the template, music, or feature you want to use right within the Clip Preview screen — and the full editor will open up with it queued up and ready to go!

Trim, Caption, and Publish Faster Than Ever

Sometimes all a clip needs to be perfect is a quick trim and that’s it! Now you can do just that without having to open up the Full Editor! Just drag the ends of the clip so it’s timed how you like it, caption your clip, and hit publish! It’s that simple 👀

Tons of Fixes

  • We improved the library so it’s better than ever — without the freezing & lagging.
  • Got tons to say? Multi-line captions now scroll!
  • Fixed an issue where templates could get stuck processing — oops!
  • The timeline in the editor is smoother than ever, and the zoom level won’t reset after splitting clips anymore.
  • Medal no longer freezes when the editor opens. If this affected you…it won’t anymore.
  • Now when you change your group DM names & photos they’re updated right away (as they should).
  • Squishy things can be cool, but not sound waves. We improved trimming so there’s less sound wave squishing.
  • Accidentally clicked download and no longer want to download that clip? Tap the cancel button to abort mission.
  • Remember when you’d delete a clip and your clip count didn’t change? Well, now it does.
  • Fixed a bug so that when you click the “Go to OP” button on clips in your DMs, you’ll go right to the original clip. Crazy right?

We love hearing from you and we’d love for you to suggest new features. If you have any questions about this update or any other Medal feature, you can always contact support.

If you’re interested in testing out features before official releases make sure you head over to Medal Early Access.



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