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Introducing Valorant Stats, Multi-Track Recording, Story-Sized Clips & More

🤯 Brace yourselves — we just released some of your most requested features from our feedback page. Yeah, you read that right…

In this update, you’ll have access to Multi Audio Track Recording (aka the ability to adjust the volume of your mic and game audio separately while editing), 9:16 story-sized cropping before uploading (so you can edit videos perfectly sized for TikTok), and a full redesign of the editor based on your feedback! Oh, and we didn’t stop there. We went even further by adding Valorant match stats directly to your clips.

Here’s everything you need to know 👀

Show off your Valorant Match Statistics

Now you can prove you top-fragged right from your clip! We worked our magic so that you can relive your glorious Valorant stats from the exact game your clips were captured from (for plays clipped after this update and onward)!

Just click “View Match Stats” below your clip to prove to your friends that the headshot in your clip wasn’t a fluke… but a pattern. 💥

Audio Your Way With Multi-Track Recording

We heard your constant pleas for multi-track recording, so we worked ‘round the clock to make your dreams reality. Before, when your mic and in-game audio were out of balance, there was no way to fix it — until now!

We added volume sliders for each of your audio sources so you can make sure everything is perfectly balanced — as all things should be.

Edit Clips Ready TikTok Clips in 9:16 Format

We read your (piles) of feedback asking for easier ways to edit your best moments for TikTok, and we agree — your clips deserve to get views everywhere! That’s why we added 9:16 and 1:1 ratios as an option, so you can format and download clips perfect for TikTok, Reels, and Shorts.

The Most Powerful Free Editor Is Even More Powerful

That’s right, editing with the free editor is easier than ever. Now, overlays are next to the timeline and more visible. We also improved how timelines work! Now they stretch across the entire medal window. We added a cut tool on the playhead to make it even easier to split clips, and the toolbar now fits on any screen — regardless of size.

🛠️ Fixes and Improvements 🛠️

But wait, there’s more! An update just wouldn’t be an update without making some fixes and exterminating some bugs. Here’s some more awesomeness you’ll experience with this update.

  • Sound FX should now match the volume of everything else in your clip instead of being super loud or quiet.
  • Deleting clips in the timeline won’t zoom out anymore. That was annoying sorry about that.
  • Templates are now 100% more slidy… because they’ll slide past each other! Oh, and you can add them to the end of clips now.
  • Now it doesn’t matter if you’re rocking an ultrawide monitor or a laptop monitor, because we optimized the editor to work on all window sizes.

We love hearing from you and we’d love for you to suggest new features. If you have any questions about this update or any other Medal feature, you can always contact support.

If you’re interested in testing out features before official releases make sure you head over to Medal Early Access.



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