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Sep 17, 2021 · 7 min read

Restart your app or if you don’t have Medal yet, head to and the latest version to get all these updates!

Medal is way more than a software used to share and capture your best gaming moments. On Medal, you’ve forged new communities, gone viral, and made lifelong friends. That’s why for this round of updates, our mission was to enhance your experience and identity as a member of the Medal community. To do this we combined your Profile and Library experience, made a tons of improvements to our chat system and made it possible to discover even more friends.

Beyond that, we also made our app even more awesome to use by streamlining how you add new games, tag friends, manage your clips, and utilize Push to Talk. Oh, and as always…we hunted down bugs and destroyed them. Mercilessly.

Here’s everything you need to know…

Library Updates (Filtering, Grouping & Profile Bar)

We made some huge changes to your clip library improving both its look and feel and adding some killer new features to make organizing and navigating your clips better than ever. From combining your profile and library, better clip grouping and navigation, the ability to add hashtags and tag friends, and the new profile bar — there’s a lot of awesome to unpack here so let’s get to it.

Profile & Library Become One

As a gamer, the plays you make and record with Medal are more than just clips — they’re a reflection of who YOU are as a gamer. When combining your Profile and Library experience, our goal was to combine everything about your identity as a gamer in one centralized location. Now when you click on your profile picture you’ll see a preview of how the world sees you on Medal. A preview of who you are as a player.

Speaking of the library and profile combined…now you’ll see your Profile Bar in the Library. Makes sense right?

Sort All the Things

If you’re anything like us, you have A LOT of clips in your library. Naturally, we did what any clip hoarder would do — add more filter, sort, and grouping options to make finding your favorite moments even easier. So now if you’re looking for that hilarious fail montage you made of your teammate, or you want to see all you ICYMI moments captured by our Medal AI in Valorant — you can do just that.

Tag Friends and Add Hashtags — From the Comfort of Your Own Clip Library

Tagging your friends and adding hashtags to clips is easier than ever — because now you can add them while in your Clip Library. Now if you’re browsing your clips reminiscing through all your best team fights in League, you can tag your friends right then and there. Or maybe your friend just joined Medal and you want to tag them in all of the best fails you captured of them throughout the years — you can do that too.

We also made it easier to add hashtags to your clips right from your library. Now, if you see a clip that matches a hashtag you’ve seen trending you can add it right away. We’ll also suggest hashtags you might want to add, so you have even more opportunities to have your clutch plays seen by the masses.

Friends and Chats — Together at Last

Chatting with a few friends and want to see who else is online to team up in a quick match? We’ve overhauled the chat experience on Medal so everything you need to chat with your squad is available right where you need it — in one central social hub.

We did some organizing so now you’ll see your friends list is in the same place as your chat panel — makes sense right? Yeah, we thought so too.

Discover New Friends

Discovering new friends is a new addition to the Medal chat experience. Is a friend even a friend if they’re not your friend on Medal? Don’t think so! Don’t worry, we got your back. Just check out the discover section to see a list of people we think you might like to follow on Medal. Now you’ll be able to see your friends from other platforms (like Discord) that you haven’t followed yet on medal and make your friendship 💫official💫.

Add New Games

So you’re playing a new game with your friends and want to clip it…but it’s not supported by Medal yet? We moved some things around so that you can add your game to Medal and get back to clipping faster than ever. How? Just click the “Add Game” button in the top right corner of Medal and add your game from there! Easy.

Remote Sign-out

Ever wish that you could see all the places you’re logged into Medal all at once — and log out remotely? Yeah us too. Now if you accidentally left yourself logged in on your friend’s computer, you don’t have to wait until you go back over to their place to logout. Simply navigate to your account settings page, and log out asap — all from the comfort of home.

Mouse & Controller Push-To-Talk

So you’ve enabled PTT, but you’re too busy making plays and evading enemy fire to top what you’re doing and hit a hotkey on your keyboard. Or maybe you don’t play with a keyboard at all, but you still want to decide when to record your beautiful voice with medal using your controller. Honestly, us too. That’s why we added PTT support for Mice and Controllers. Now you can enable PTT without having to worry about losing concentration. So go ahead, rage all you need to keep your head in the game while recording only what you want the world to hear in your clips.

Bugs Destroyed

As always, we’re always on the lookout for pesky bugs that can make your Medal experience anything less than perfect. Here’s a few of the bugs we exterminated to keep things going smoothly:

  • Improved chat performance
  • Fixed an issue where the incorrect clip would play when looking at a clip page
  • Fixed a crash caused by attaching clips to comments
  • Fixed an issue with timestamps displaying incorrectly on clips
  • Fixed an issue with high idle CPU usage after playing CS: GO
  • Fixed ICYMI not stopping correctly when CS: GO is closed
  • Fixed crash related to low-end Intel GPUs
  • Fixed audio de-synchronizing issue on large frame drops
  • Fixed issue with black bars on advanced window capture
  • Improved advanced window capture performance
  • Fixed multiple issues that were causing users to be logged out automatically
  • Fixed issues with Medal logging in and performing properly properly when network connection is interrupted
  • Added notification for when clips are taken or Medal is auto-focused but a Medal account is not logged in
  • Improved app performance when experiencing issues loading, signing up, or signing in
  • Fixed an issue with how certain characters displayed in clip titles & comments

Weekly Challenges

We started our second weekly challenge on Medal and are excited to see you participate for a chance to win gift cards and badges! You can read more about it on our twitter post, linked below:

We love hearing from you and we’d love for you to suggest new features. If you have any questions about this update or any other Medal feature, you can always contact support.

If you’re interested in testing out features before official releases make sure you head over to Medal Early Access:

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Medal is the #1 platform to record gaming clips and videos. Start a game, press a button, get a link. Clips are stored in the cloud for free and sync between mobile devices and PC.