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Oct 1 · 6 min read

Today is a really big day for Medal — we’re introducing all the recording and social functionality into the platform you have all been waiting for.

In the last year that Medal has been in alpha, we’ve grown into a massive platform that millions of you use every time you game. Medal is more than just a platform you use to clip. You’re using it to share your best gaming moments with your friends, watch the best clips across games, and because of you, we’re also a community. A place where your clips can be discovered, where meaningful friendships are made, and a place for you to grow.

Today we’re announcing the next stage for the platform — Medal 2.0. It is rolling out to all users now. Hit that green button when you see it!

Complete UI Redesign

The Medal UI has been redesigned from the ground up to bring you a cohesive experience between all of our products. Now, searching for clips, chatting with friends, and checking out trends is more intuitive and streamlined than ever.

Home tab

Sometimes you just want to browse the best of the best, while other times you just want to see what the creators you’re following have been up to. With that in mind, the new home tab has been redesigned into 4 different categories to ensure the content you’re browsing is catered to you.

  • For You — The For You tab is full of curated clips just for you. On this tab you’ll find killer clips based off of your likes, who you follow, and what you play.
  • Following — Want to see what the people you follow have been up to without having to sort through an endless sea of clips? We got you fam.
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  • Discover — Stay ahead of the trends and see what others are watching with the Discover tab. Check out trending clips from the most popular topics from all your favorite games.
  • Games — Looking for anything and everything related to your favorite games? Just open the games tab, find your favorite games, then click ‘Follow’ to stay up to date on the latest and greatest.

Clip Library

Just like the Home tab, your Clip Library has also had a major redesign!

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We’ve split your clips into different categories so that you can find them quick and easy! We’ve also made improvements to the Clip Library that will greatly improve your library’s load speed, whether you have one or one-thousand clips.

Clip Filters

Want to re-experience that awesome ace from last year or relive some of your favorite gaming moments with friends? Well now you can search for anything and sort clips with a variety of filters.

Clip library filters include;

  • Group by; All, Timeline, Game.
  • Privacy filters for; All, Public and Unlisted
  • Sort filters for; Newest, Oldest, Most Likes, Most Views, Most Comments.

Your library is also available on the brand new mobile app:

Video Settings Options

Record your clips in 4K up to 144 FPS. We get it, you want to share your sick clips in the best possible quality, capturing every detail of every frame of your victory. Well, now you can.

  • Your clips can now be recorded in extremely high framerate up to 144FPS for that buttery smooth look.
  • We’ve also increased the maximum limit on bitrate to 100Mb/s so you can have the cleanest looking clips in the galaxy.
  • Clips can now be captured in UHD 4K resolution for maximum detail.
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New Profile

Connecting with friends has never been easier with your newly designed Medal profile. Your friends can see view all of your social connections and latest clip in the as a banner just by clicking your name.

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Free Record While Clipping

Free record mode is here! We’ve made it easier than ever to record epic cutscenes and in-game dance parties by long-pressing your clip button to start and stop recording clips with precision.

If you know something is going to happen in a game, simply hold down your clip hotkey and release it to start recording, and repeat long-pressing your clip hotkey to stop recording! Perfect for montages, cutscenes and pre-planned videos!

Clipping on Mobile

Whether you’re gaming with XCloud, or playing native games on mobile, you can now clip all your moments regardless of where you play.

New Menus

  • Brand new collapsible menus and arrow key/refresh navigation available all throughout the app. On the left you’ll find all the tabs you love. On the right you’ll find the ability to discover friends on the platform, and an overview of what your friends are currently doing.
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Improved Chat System

Making and watching clips is fun, but it’s even better with friends. Create groups to share your best plays and favorite moments with your closest friends.

  • You can now download, copy, favorite, report and like in our newly designed message clip.
  • You can now send clips using /clip command or the clip icon in chats and groups.
  • You can now send a Gif using /gif command or the clip icon.
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Search For Anything

You can now search for Topics, Hashtags, Users, Games, and Clips on Medal:

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More Mobile Updates

In addition to having all your clips in your brand new clips library, Medal on mobile is better than ever. Record clips on the go and watch the best content with our all-new mobile app.

Android & iOS: Watch, upvote, and comment on the move!

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Android Only: Launch your favorite games and even find new games directly through Medal!

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Android Only: Configure your clip length and quality and even configure the clip button itself!

Introducing F10 For Game Switching

You can now switch which game gets captured if you have 2 or more games running at the same time! (Default hotkey: F10) — especially useful if you are skilling on RuneScape while hitting nutty headshots in Valorant. Now you won’t end up with a video where you inventory slowly fills up with sharks, instead of that Valorant ace you actually meant to clip.

Big thanks to our team and partners

We started working on this massive update almost a year ago together with our friends over at MetaLab — taking all your feedback that you have given us into account, organizing it, and building out the features you requested. None of this would have been possible without them.

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September 2019, when we started on this update
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Also September 2019, when we started on this update, but with a lot more sticky notes…

PS: we are hiring all over the world!

Bug Fixes & Improvements

We all love it when Medal runs smoother than smooth!

  • Added Vulkan Support
  • Improved Windows Store games capture support — Games running on the Windows store will now capture more effectively
  • Improved performance of AMD GPU encoding for a more seamless recording experience
  • A lot of general performance improvements
  • Fixed Error Screen errors to do with Trimming
  • Mono audio should now work as intended for Microphones
  • Fixed a bunch of clip corruption issues

We hope you enjoy these updates. See you next time!

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Medal TV Writer

Written by

Medal is the #1 platform to record gaming clips and videos. Start a game, press a button, get a link. Clips are stored in the cloud for free and sync between mobile devices and PC.

Medal TV Writer

Written by

Medal is the #1 platform to record gaming clips and videos. Start a game, press a button, get a link. Clips are stored in the cloud for free and sync between mobile devices and PC.

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