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Medal + Discord = 1 Month of Free Nitro

So uhh, tap tap tap is this thing on? How does this work? Um…oh…hey everyone…Clippord here! Don’t mind me just TAKING OVER the Medal blog. Listen… Wumpus and I have been working on something BIG that we can’t wait to show you! So… if you think about it….I’m really doing this for you (so please don’t eject me from the Medalverse Pim 😭).

Ok, I don’t have much time, but Wumpus said they’d give EVERYONE who uses Medal 1 month of free Nitro (except, obviously, people who already have or have had Nitro). The catch? There is none. Just head over to the Medal app and click the promo to claim your free month of Nitro by September 21st, 2022.

If you don’t have Medal, now’s the perfect time to download it. In fact, anytime is a perfect time to download Medal. I know I’m biased, but it’s the best game recorder hands down. With 1 tap clip recording, easy to use meme-templates, our free best-in-class video editor, royalty-free music library, the potential to go viral on the platform, and FREE Nitro — what are you waiting for?

Sound good? Of course it does…here’s how it works 👀

Step 1.

Login to Medal in the desktop or mobile app (or download it if you live under a rock and don’t have it already)

Step 2.

Click “Get Nitro”

Step 3.

Authorize Discord

Step 4.


Step 5.

Profit…errr…well maybe not profit but 1 month of free Nitro!



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