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New Activity Feed — Wow!

Here at Medal, we believe that there’s more to gaming than just amazing plays, pushing objectives, and having the highest score. There’s something uniquely special in the way that Gaming brings us together. It’s social.

In this latest update, we focused on capturing the interactions, achievements, and milestones of your friends and Medal community members in a way that meaningfully celebrates and highlights these moments — in real-time. That’s why we’re beyond excited to show you our new Activity Feed.

Umm…forgive the video. Someone said the market crashed so this is our budget announcement video hope you like it… thx… But yeah, let’s just jump right into what makes the activity feed so wow 👇

Celebrate your friends’ accomplishments

What’s the point of awesome stuff happening — if no one is there to see it? With our new activity feed, you’ll be the first to know when your friends get new followers, likes, and view achievements so you can send them a message and congratulate them on their growing fame infamy on Medal.

Jump into the action

Wondering what’s good on Medal? Or maybe your friends were talking about a clip and you had no idea what they were on about — and you weren’t in on the joke? Stay in the know with our new activity feed. See which clips your friends comment on and which the meme-templates they’re using — so you can join in the action, meme with them in the comments, and jump on new trends.

See what your friends are up to

See what games your friends are playing in real-time via the Activity Feed. Now, switching from browsing clips — to asking your friend who just opened Valorant if they wanna queue up together is easier than ever.

We love hearing from you and we’d love for you to suggest new features. If you have any questions about this update or any other Medal feature, you can always contact support.

If you’re interested in testing out features before official releases make sure you head over to Medal Early Access.



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