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New Update: Custom GPU Selection, External Recorder Support, Lightning Speeds, and TONS of Bug Fixes

You spoke and we listened! One month into 2022 and we’ve got some fun new updates for you as we gear up for an action-packed Spring. We included a few highly requested features and squashed some bugs thanks to your feedback!


External Recorder Importing 📁
Now you can tell Medal to watch for clips from other recorders on your computer. We’ll import them automatically for you to edit and share! Set this up under Settings > Recorder, under External Recorder Import Locations.

GPU Selection 💻
If you’ve got multiple GPUs and have wanted a way to switch between them for recording, now you can! Find this new option under Settings > Recorder, under your Quality & Length settings.

Supercharged Library 📚
We’ve been hard at work making your library smoother, faster, and easier to use, even if you’ve got an impressive number of clips to sort through.

Bug Fixes & Improvements 🔧

  • Improved loading times in the Free Up Space menu
  • Added a full-screen preview functionality to the editor
  • Improved editor’s trimming experience of a single clip to match the good old way it used to be — no timeline resizing on trim
  • Clips up to 10 minutes (inclusive) can be edited in the new editor
  • Added a separate timeline for music and sound effects to easily work with sound overlays
  • Fixed a bug when sorting comments on clips
  • Fixed a bug when audio is muted in the rendered video in the editor
  • Fixed a bug where the editor is blinking and / or having a completely black preview stage with error message of not loading the video
  • Fixed time manipulating video effects issues, corrupting the video preview in the editor
  • Soundwaves now stay static when trimming in order to get a better indication of where to stop the trim & to allow easier alignment of multiple layers based on sound
  • Montage clips will be marked with the same game category as the first clip in it
  • Fixed a bug of the editing left sidebar overlapping the timeline when duplicating clips in the timeline
  • Added support for drafts migration when changing the “Capture Folder Location” setting
  • Fixed visual bugs with Add Game button on smaller screen sizes
  • New SDK logging capability to help us better diagnose user issues

Keep your feedback coming, or leave feedback on others’ posts!
Please contact support if you need any help.

OH, and we’re hiring!!




Medal is the #1 platform to record gaming clips and videos. Start a game, press a button, get a link. Clips are stored in the cloud for free and sync between mobile devices and PC.

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