Push To Talk, New ICYMI Features, Mobile QR Sync & More!

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Jun 24 · 5 min read

To enjoy Medal to its fullest, check out our mobile Medal app where you can sync your clips and easily share them to your favorite social networks — all from your mobile device. Download now on iOS and android, and sync to your Desktop app to earn the flashy new Mobile badge to display on your profile.

Our mission is to give you the features you need to have the best possible clipping experience with Medal. We read every piece of feedback and every suggestion you send us. Today, we’re releasing one of your most highly requested features yet — Push To Talk (PTT).

To enable PTT, simply head over to your Audio and Device settings to enable it. Once enabled, your mic will remain muted unless you’re holding down your PTT hotkey. It’s that simple!

With PTT you’ll have the freedom to decide to record or not record your voice in your clips at the touch of a button. Now you won’t need to think about changing your mic settings between clips or censoring yourself when you’re in the heat of intense team fights or scoring trick shots in Rocket League.

Enable Push to talk

Medal AI — ICYMI

In this update, we also put a lot of effort into improving your ICYMI experience. When enabled, Medal AI makes your clipping experience even more streamlined and simple with our automatic event detection that captures your sickest plays automatically.

We’ve made ICYMI even more intuitive by allowing you to set different clip lengths just for your ICYMI clips to short as 5 seconds — perfect for edits and montages!

Change your Medal AI clip Length

We’ve added separate clip sound for ICYMI clips so you know when you took a clip manually and when Medal AI takes a clip for you! This setting also allows you to turn off the ICYMI sound and leave your normal clip sound on. Now there’s no more second-guessing yourself and wondering if you accidentally pressed your clip key — you’ll know when ICYMI has your back.

Enable ICYMI Sound

Our Medal AI is even smarter. We added tons of new ICYMI triggers to capture even more of your epic plays.

ICYMI Triggers

League of Legends — New Trigger events include the Player Slain, Baron Steal, Baron Kill, Turret Kill, Inhibitor Kill, Dragon Steal, Dragon Kill, Herald Steal, and Herald Kill

CS:GO — We have added the Player Death event to CS:GO

Valorant — We have added the Spike Planted event to Valorant

For the complete list of supported games and triggers, you can read this article here.

QR Code Mobile Syncing

Medal on Mobile is more awesome than ever with QR Mobile Syncing. Connect with your mobile device to sync your clips and easily share them to your favorite social networks with the press of a button. Oh, and you’ll also get a shiny badge on your medal profile 👀

All you have to do is scan the QR code located in your Settings > Recorder. Sync today to earn Mobile Sync badge and show it off on your profile!

QR Mobile Sync

Color Picker for Text

We’ve added MORE colors to the text editor to beautify the text shown on your clips. When adding text, you can select custom text colors, stroke colors, and background colors!

Colour Picker

Clip Timeline Editor

Full Session Recordings now uses the new editor timeline — The Full session Recording editor has been given some improvements to make it more intuitive. Now trimming is easier than ever!

Timeline Clip Length and preview — Now, as you drag your clips the timeline stays the same length. We’ve also added frame previews as you drag for more precision when editing.

Timeline Preview and Length

Other Updates and QoL Improvements

We’ve changed the timeline behavior for single clip editing — When trimming a single clip, the video will no longer snap to the full length of the timeline making for easier trimming adjustments.

Improved Medal Startup and load times — The team is working hard to constantly improve Medal’s performance all around. Start-up and Load times should feel much faster.

Improvements to Adding and previewing music — We optimized the performance when adding music in the editor.

Feel free to suggest new features. If you need any assistance with new Posting features on Medal, feel free to check out our article about it, or contact support if you need any further assistance.

If your interesting in getting all the features before the official release head over to Medal Early Access and leave your feedback or help us test Medal with the latest updates. https://medal.tv/earlyaccess


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