Updates to our Tutorial Program

Sep 23, 2021 · 2 min read

This month we spent considerable time analyzing the current state of the Skilled Player Program and thinking of ways to better reward our Skilled Players for the awesome content created each month. We initially started the program to encourage Skilled Players to create content that can educate others and enrich the content that’s available on Medal. We were amazed by what Skilled Players were able to create and Tutorials quickly became some of the best content available on Medal.

To better reward Skilled Players for their high-quality content, we are making changes to the payment structure for the program. Currently, all Skilled Players that create tutorials receive an equal $50 dollars per clip regardless if the clip explodes in popularity and reaches 500,000 views. Instead, we want to reward Skilled Players by paying for that popularity.

Our new Skilled Players Program:

  • Skilled Player will earn $10 for every 5,000 views capped at $200 per clip, instead of $50.
  • Skilled Players can upload up to 10 clips each month earning up to $2,000 each month instead of $500 in our old program.
  • Skilled will have wider opportunities to get views both in the Medal feed as well as externally by adding additional data in their clip submission like the map played, character used, or tactic described.

We are also making Tutorials more visible both in our feed and with changes to our website in the coming two months which will greatly increase the number of views Skilled Player Tutorials receive.

As always, Skilled Players that refer other Skilled Players to the program will receive $25 per referral once the new player submits their first clip.

We are excited about these changes and how they can help our Skilled Player creators earn for something they already love doing — playing their favorite games and sharing their insights with the Medal community.

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