Win $2,000 by sharing your best Splitgate clips!

Medal TV Pedro
Aug 20, 2021 · 2 min read

We’re beyond excited to partner with Mikaveli to host a giveaway of $2,000 for sharing the best Splitgate clips captured with Medal. Mikaveli is going to shout out the winners after the submission deadline (September 4th, 2021 23:59PST). More details on the winner announcement will follow on a later date. Follow Mikaveli and Medal on Twitter to receive all the updates.

How do I participate?

Upload your best clips from Splitgate made with Medal with #Mikaveli2k in the title to Medal. For maximum engagement, you can share directly from Medal to:

  • Discord (Share to Discord through the Medal and be on the lookout for Splitgate’s Clip channel in their official Discord soon 👀)
  • Twitter (Medal automatically adds the #Splitgate hashtag!)
  • Reddit (Medal automatically allows you to post it to Splitgate’s subreddit)

You can enter as many clips as you want until September 4th. This guide will help get you started with Medal. Make sure to upvote the best clips you find on Medal for maximum enjoyment 🔥

Prize Breakdowns

1st place: $1,000

2nd place: $500

3rd place: $500

What are you going to do with your prize money? 😏

Now get out there and start clipping!

Have any questions? Ask in our Medal Discord.

Stay tuned with Mikaveli: Twitter, Twitch and Instagram

Get in the action: Download Splitgate on Steam now!

Please note: Only submitted clips from users over the age of 13 will be considered in accordance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). If your prize is worth more than $600, you may be subject to U.S. taxes and will need to file a Form 1099 as the prize will be counted as “income” for the winning. Terms and conditions may be subject to change.

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