Welcome to our beta tests and competition!

Here’s a recap of how we will run a trial: Each group has its own trial (If you represent a group of doctors who we haven’t talked to… like a residency… and are interested, then contact us!). Within each trial we have a few special perks as a thank you for participating:

  1. Guaranteed free lifetime account for everyone who registers, even after MedCurbside leaves its testing phase.
  2. 1st prize: $400 cash for the user with the highest reputation (+ a NEJM subscription)
  3. 2nd prize: $200 cash for the user with the highest reputation (+ a NEJM subscription)
  4. 3rd prize: $100 cash for the user with the highest reputation (+ a NEJM subscription)
  5. $50 for the highest voted question (must be a different user than the first prize)
  6. $50 for the highest voted answer (must be a different user than the first prize)
  7. Lunch, doughnuts, or ice cream if your group has at least 25 posts
  8. Additional group prizes for higher number of posts

We will have different beta trials with different groups, so each group gets its own set of prizes!

How to participate:

  1. Create an account by going to medcurbside.com.

-Click Register in the top right, and choose how you want to signup.

-It takes about 5 seconds and 1 click!

2. Ask and Answer questions

-If you have a focused clinical question go ahead and ask it. We’ll help find users to answer it.

-If you see a question that you can answer then provide your input!

-Make thoughtful, high quality posts and cite your evidence whenever possible.

3. Gain reputation by doing #4–6:

4. Vote

-If you see useful questions/answers then vote them up.

-If you see poor questions/answers vote them down.

5. Accept answers

-If someone answers your question well, then “accept” it so they know they provided a good answer, you get points, and the community knows the answer was useful.

6. Encourage participation from colleagues

-We know you’re competing for the highest reputation but you can only get it when OTHERS vote for your content. So, just like in real medical practice, you must rely on your colleagues’ participation.

-The more people that see your questions and answers the more likely you will earn points.

There are a few simple rules in order to get the above benefits and to help you win:

  1. Your group must have at least 20 posts in total.
  2. Must answer a brief survey at the end to get the free account or prizes.
  3. You must have at least 3 posts to be one of the top 3 prize winners.
  4. The prizes will be determined by measuring points at the end of your group’s 3 month trial
  5. No cheating. Good content is built by trust and by a professional community. Our panel of reviewers may disqualify posts of poor quality.
  6. We will send you notifications during the beta phase.