Haris Aghadi
Oct 30, 2017 · 4 min read

New website design, more doctors added, and faster connections to local doctors online, Meddy has surpassed expectations this year and is on its way to bigger and better things.

Just in the last few months Meddy went from being an award winning platform to expanding across the region. The team was chosen to train with sharks of industry from 500 Startups, raised a Pre Series A Round, and designed and implemented a new look for the platform. Last week the platform was launched in Dubai with more than 100 doctors already, and continues to grow as Meddy looks to the talent there to bring the platform to life.

New Design & Tech Infrastructure

As a fast growing startup, the platform design was not keeping pace with the content and product changes that were being made. A drastic change needed to occur for more Meddy products to flourish.

The new design not only made navigating the website easier for the patients and doctors, but also cleared up technical debt, making it much faster in response. This of course, is essential as more content and listings were being added on a daily basis.

With more content allowing the platform to transcend further into the world wide web, Meddy has never been more visible and easily accessed to those looking for doctors closer to home. The clean design of the new platform gives it a modern look that attracts not only new patients, new clinics and new doctors, but retains the ones that visit it now.

The team has made strides not only with the platform, but with new learnings of their own. It’s been little over a year and half since we launched our new design. The last time we launched we did clear some technical debt that helped us improve the pace at which we do product development. However, we then realized we need to make some drastic architectural changes.

Raised a Pre Series-A Round from 500 Startups and Angels.

While training and gaining experience from some of the best people in the business, Meddy raised funding to fund its platform to further development. We raised our Pre Series A round to launch in new markets and expand our doctor network.

“Meddy has been growing at an incredible rate, and as 500 Startups we are happy to have invested to continue to support the team in their expansion. The product has seen incredible usage from both clinics and customers, and we see that trend continuing to develop.”

~ Hasan Haider, Partner at 500 Startups

The platform that started from the idea of helping patients make informed health decisions has expanded its services to the region to ensure that it not only saves lives in Qatar but to its neighbors too.

Live in Dubai

The launch in Dubai has been under wraps for a while until the new design came out. We noticed that the UAE was the perfect market to continue our growth as a company. The patient base and issue is similar to that of Doha. Because of the floating population in the UAE, more and more people struggle to keep up with finding the best doctors, and more doctors struggle to start fresh with almost no to little means to attracting patients. This is where Meddy serves a great purpose, in continuing to be the hub and the go-to website for healthcare information, we provide the doctors a new way to attract patients, and the patients a safe and effective way to find doctors.

Being live in Dubai now opens the doors for those doctors to find the patients they are looking for, and for patients to find a stable guide to find, book, rank, and review the best doctors nearest to them. Rapidly building Meddy in Dubai requires us to look for talented individuals who can lead, manage, and show results in the field. Meddy is currently looking to hire a Sales Manager.

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News and Stories from the team at Meddy

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Meddy Blog

News and Stories from the team at Meddy

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