Introducing Healthcare Blog

1st online health blog written mainly by doctors in Qatar

Lot of people google their health conditions before they seek a doctor. It’s good to be well informed about one’s condition and precautions that can be taken. That being said it can be dangerous to self-diagnose by solely relying on content found online, especially when that content is written by people who are not doctors and don’t work in the medical field.

People visit Meddy to find a particular specialist for their condition. However, quite a few times patients are confused about which doctor they should see because some diseases can be treated by multiple specialists or because they don’t know much about the disease and condition itself. Also, because they don’t know much about how the healthcare system works in the country and is quite different from the ones in their home country. As a result, lot of people are quite confused about what to do and they ask for our help in live chat support.

Our mission at Meddy has been to help people make informed health decisions. Providing online content that is trustworthy, reliable and culturally relevant goes a long way.

We are please to announce our Health blog. The first of its kind in the country that will feature content written by physicians in the country for people in Qatar.

The blog will feature content that is mostly written by doctors — and not just any doctors but the top rated and highly qualified ones. This way we ensure the content will be high quality and trustworthy. We want doctors who are experts in their domain expertise to share their two cents about a particular disease, condition and health tips with people in Qatar.

The blog will also give an opportunity for doctors in Qatar to enhance their credibility and help them attract new patients.


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