Haris Aghadi
Sep 29, 2016 · 3 min read

Meddy was built on the idea of helping people make informed health decision. Our aim is to provide patients all the information they need to decide which doctor or clinic they should go to.

We started the website in English in 2014 with less than 20 doctors and later on grew to about 2,000 doctors from 250 private clinics in Qatar.

Initially, most of the visitors on the website where people whose English was their primary language. Eventually it got diversified to people from all the different backgrounds and culture. So our website became a good representative of Qatar’s population 🙂

This also helped us add the Language filter on the website so patients can filter for doctors who spoke their desired language. It’s imperative for patients to feel comfortable communicating with their doctors; having doctors who speak their native language goes a long way.

In the last 6 months the demand for Arabic speaking doctors has grown drastically. So many patients have requested to have the website in Arabic to make it more convenient for them to browse.

Even most of the clinics frequently requested to have the website in Arabic because most of their patient base were Arabs — and they wanted them to post reviews in Arabic.

Having the website in Arabic will make Meddy more inclusive and will appeal to a bigger audience. This directly helps with our long term vision of becoming the primary intermediary between patients and healthcare in the region.

It was a huge challenge to translate all the content — 2000 doctors, 250 clinics, 35 specializations etc. It took us quite some time to do it. So we are finally pleased to announce Meddy in Arabic.

Here is the link www.meddy.qa

What’s next?

We have lot of cool stuff we are working on. One of them is the iOS app. About 60% of our traffic comes from mobile device. Although the website is already mobile friendly so you can easily use it on the phone. However, having a mobile app will further enhance the patient experience looking for a doctors on the go. In addition to that we are working on dashboard for doctors and clinic that will give them more insights into their patients and help them improve the practise.

So head over to Meddy and checkout the new website.

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Haris Aghadi

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Meddy Blog

News and Stories from the team at Meddy

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