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Several years ago Meddy started as a university project. We spun it off as a simple directory to help patients find information on doctors in Qatar, not anticipating the response that we got.

Over the years Meddy evolved into helping patients book appointments, providing CRM solutions to clinics to enhance their branding, and during the pandemic, we rolled out telemedicine solutions by Meddy for patients across the globe to receive virtual care from the best doctors.

We have served millions of patients, facilitated hundreds of thousands of appointments, and generated more than $100M in billings to healthcare providers.

Today we are taking a big step in supercharging our mission to help patients make informed health decisions and building a mission-driven organization.

I am thrilled to announce that we have reached an agreement to be acquired by Helium Health and we will now become HeliumDoc.

Helium Health is the premier Health Tech Company in Africa, providing a suite of cutting-edge technology solutions for all healthcare stakeholders in emerging markets.

They are on a mission to accelerate Africa’s transition to technology and a data-driven healthcare sector by providing a suite of full-service solutions for all healthcare stakeholders.

In case you’re wondering why we are being acquired by a company in Africa when we are based in GCC? There are multiple reasons but I’ll give you three main ones:

  • To enhance our mission. We have been on a mission to help patients make informed health decisions by creating marketing solutions for providers. By joining forces we’ll offer a comprehensive product suite that will combine marketing and clinical solutions, making us the one-stop place for providers to get digital solutions.
  • To amplify our impact. All the work we currently do impacts people in Qatar and UAE. But after joining forces with them, our products can potentially touch the lives of hundreds of millions of people in GCC, Africa, and the greater MENA region. This scales up our impact by a factor of 20–30X.
  • To build a lasting organization. There is a strong synergy between our products, teams, and markets. Combining Meddy’s marketing solutions with Helium’s clinical solutions will add tremendous value to our customers and transform healthcare in the Middle East and Africa.

As a founder, I get excessive credit for building Meddy. But the truth is that me or the company is nothing without a rockstar team behind it.

So I want to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude to the entire Meddy team and especially Khattab (COO), Kareem (Engineering Lead), and Rabea (Digital Marketing Lead) for their dedication and utmost commitment.

We are super excited about the next phase of our growth. We have so much cooking and can’t wait to reveal everything soon!

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