Taking Meddy to the Next Level

Little over a year ago, we launched meddy.co to aggregate medical information online. It was aimed to help people in Qatar to find good doctors conveniently. We launched a basic version of the website within 6 weeks with less than 20 doctors.

It looked like this:

Home Page

Doctor Listing

Doctor Profile

We started with minimal information on doctors such as their name, specialization, patient reviews and the clinic they worked at.

We then evolved into providing more comprehensive information such as their sub-specialization, scope of practice, medical credentials, treatments, clinic hours etc. We collected as much information as possible to help people decide which doctor they want to go to so they don’t have a bad experience. But we couldn’t show all the information due to our current design and product’s technical limitations, until now.

Say Ahlan! to Meddy 2.0

Home Page

Doctor Listing

Doctor Profile

Clinic Profile

We now have profiles on 1000 doctors from over 25 specializations from 120 private clinics in Qatar for people to search from. Lot of doctors also have several reviews from their patients so other people can get insights into doctors’s bedside manners.

You can now find the best dentist or a gynecologist in town within just 3 clicks based on real patient recommendations.

What’s new?

Discovery & Filters

Users spend time lot of time browsing through several doctor profiles to find a doctor that fits their criteria. We have added lot of new filters so you can quickly filter doctors based on the area you live in, or language your doctor speaks or a female doctor etc. For instance, you can now find a female pediatrician who’s educated and practised in the UK before, near markhiya area, who accepts your Axxa insurance card. That’s how specific you can get with your search.

Country of Education/Experience

We frequently get requests from patients asking “where is this doctor from?” Lot of them want to find a doctor from their home country because they tend to have the similar mindset and approach towards patient health. So now you can filter doctors based on their country of education and practice.

Insurance Provider

Most people have private medical insurance provided by their employer so they want to find clinics that accept their insurance card. You can now find a list of insurance providers supported by that doctor/clinic.

New Ranking System

We have also improved our doctor ranking system. Currently, doctors were ranked just on patient reviews. The ranking did not properly reflect a doctor’s practise. Hence, we decided to factor in more data points along with patient reviews such as their medical credentials, clinic hours, sub-specialization, treatments etc. The aim of the ranking is to show the doctors with most upto date information so patients can make the most informed decision about their which doctor/clinic they want to visit. Moreover, we want to encourage doctors to provide more information about themselves and their clinic.

Online Booking Request

We already launched booking request few months ago to make it more convenient for you to request an appointment. You no longer have to wait around 10 minutes on the phone to speak to someone at the clinic. You can just quickly fill out your info on Meddy and you will get a call back from the clinic to confirm your appointment. We now have around 50 doctors accepting booking request.

What’s next?

We have lot of cool stuff we are working on. One of them is the Arabic version of the website, to make the product more accessible to the local audience. We are also working on a mobile app so you can browse on the go, although the website is already mobile friendly so you can easily use it on the phone. Having a mobile app will allow us to enhance your experience looking for a doctor and also give you alerts on your next appointment.

So head over to Meddy and checkout the new website.