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Medha Ghatikesh
Jul 1, 2015 · 3 min read

Over prepare, then go with the flow — Regina Brett

I put this checklist together at Product School for Meetr, a group scheduling app I built at an android bootcamp. Large parts of this checklist were put together from this very comprehensive answer on Quora and this post on Kissmetrics.

Before launch

Competitive Analysis and Positioning

  • Look at competing apps on app store to see what the target audience is looking at. Note the categories they are listed under, the list of features, and reviews.
  • Determine the Unique Selling Proposition of app and then work on positioning based on target audience.

Design, Assets and Copy

  • Work with the designer to create assets for Facebook and Tumblr ads.
  • Work with Launch Squad to create video for landing page Work on layout and copy for a “coming soon” landing page to collect email ids.
  • Work on layout and copy for a post-launch landing page with CTA button to download app.

Landing Page

  • Create the landing pages to be A/B tested on
  • Integrate Lander landing page with MailChimp.

Social Media and Influencers

  • Create Facebook page and invite all friends.
  • Get some sponsored posts out on Instagram.
  • Create Product Hunt profile.
  • Find some influencers who can try out your app and blog about it.


  • Get ad copy ready for Facebook Ads with Targeting, and Tumblr Ads.
  • Publish ads that leads to coming soon landing page.
  • Look at the conversion rate of the number of people that enter their email id on the landing page. If it is less than 2%:

— Redefine target market for ads

— Alternate launch page messaging

— Rinse repeat until conversion rate is 2%+

Press Release

  • Research the blogs/websites that cover app launches. Find reporters at these publications who usually write about apps. Find their contact details. Store this info on Google Sheets.
  • Prepare press kit for press release:

— Press release — Product (me)

— Icon — Designer

— Screenshots — Designer

— Marketing images — Designer

— Team pics

  • Reach out to reporters on list and pitch the app. Work on copy for app store.

ASO and Analytics

  • App Store Optimization using Sensor Tower. Optimize:

— App name

— Keywords

— Description

— Work with an engineer to get Mixpanel ready to track events.

Previous day of launch

  • Email reporters to remind them of launch day — hand over press kit.
  • Take a long relaxing bath.

On launch day (and beyond to get to 100 users)

  • Breathe. You’ve made it to launch day.

Press Release

  • Follow up with reporters on the press release.

Acquisition Channels

  • Swap out landing page to one with CTA buttons to download app.
  • Swap out Facebook and Tumblr ads to the ones that lead to new landing page.
  • Post link to download app on Facebook page.
  • Send out invite to download app by email to those that had provided email address on the landing page.


  • Look at analytics data coming in. Watch for engagement (DAU and MAU) and retention metrics (1, 7 and 30 days) to see what can be improved.

Early Feedback

  • Read through reviews on app store and reply to the early customer feedback coming in.

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This is where I write about products, product management…


This is where I write about products, product management, and sometimes about being a woman in tech.

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This is where I write about products, product management, and sometimes about being a woman in tech.