App Launch Checklist

Before launch

  • Look at competing apps on app store to see what the target audience is looking at. Note the categories they are listed under, the list of features, and reviews.
  • Determine the Unique Selling Proposition of app and then work on positioning based on target audience.
  • Work with the designer to create assets for Facebook and Tumblr ads.
  • Work with Launch Squad to create video for landing page Work on layout and copy for a “coming soon” landing page to collect email ids.
  • Work on layout and copy for a post-launch landing page with CTA button to download app.
  • Create the landing pages to be A/B tested on
  • Integrate Lander landing page with MailChimp.
  • Create Facebook page and invite all friends.
  • Get some sponsored posts out on Instagram.
  • Create Product Hunt profile.
  • Find some influencers who can try out your app and blog about it.
  • Get ad copy ready for Facebook Ads with Targeting, and Tumblr Ads.
  • Publish ads that leads to coming soon landing page.
  • Look at the conversion rate of the number of people that enter their email id on the landing page. If it is less than 2%:
  • Research the blogs/websites that cover app launches. Find reporters at these publications who usually write about apps. Find their contact details. Store this info on Google Sheets.
  • Prepare press kit for press release:
  • Reach out to reporters on list and pitch the app. Work on copy for app store.
  • App Store Optimization using Sensor Tower. Optimize:

Previous day of launch

  • Email reporters to remind them of launch day — hand over press kit.
  • Take a long relaxing bath.

On launch day (and beyond to get to 100 users)

  • Breathe. You’ve made it to launch day.
  • Follow up with reporters on the press release.
  • Swap out landing page to one with CTA buttons to download app.
  • Swap out Facebook and Tumblr ads to the ones that lead to new landing page.
  • Post link to download app on Facebook page.
  • Send out invite to download app by email to those that had provided email address on the landing page.
  • Look at analytics data coming in. Watch for engagement (DAU and MAU) and retention metrics (1, 7 and 30 days) to see what can be improved.
  • Read through reviews on app store and reply to the early customer feedback coming in.



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