Design challenge #1.4 Design Odyssey(Prototype)

Pandora floating mountain

Last time I was thinking about the Navi alarming system. How could the alarming system works? Where should I set up the useful guard building? What does this system look like?

Traditionally, As we know, human troops include ground force, navy and air force. I assume human could invade Navi with those three different ways.

We know human invaded Navi to expel Na’vi and plunder the mineral called Unobtanium which could make the mountains floating. What’s more, it’s valuable for human. In order to prevent Na-vi under attack and lost their home tree again, I want to design an alarming system to help Na’vi to find out the invaders.

In the movie “Avatar”, we can see human invade Navi from air and ground. Since human have advanced technology and attach very fast, Na’vi have no time to set up defence. Therefore, human destroyed Navi’s home tree and killed thousands of Navi. Even though Na’vi defect human by Avatar and other human with sense of justice, Na’vi still in dangerous because of other races may invade Pandora planet for their abundant resources.

Before prototype

In Design challenge #1.3, I mentioned that I got my idea from Chinese Beacon Towers of Great Wall that the soldiers in the towers could arise the smoke in daytime and fire at night to warn their troops.

In What’s the fastest transmitting vector? It’s light. Light could deliver the information faster than other vectors. That’s why I designed this guard tower like Chinese Beacon towers. After I thought of the fastest way to deliver the warning information, I’m sure setting up a series of towers to warn Na’vi troops is making sense.

However, setting up the towers at the ground seems very useless because the trees in Pandora planet are very tall. In addition, I have find out the method to set up the plant-based alarming system.

the Pathway lead to hometree

For ground alarming system, Na’vi should set up some blocks before enter the home tree. The blocks are the only ways which must be passed, to enter the home tree. Every strangers approach or pass the block will be noticed.

Soldiers could stay on the tree the monitor these two following organisms:

This plant could hide quickly if something touch them. In the daytime, if any strangers touch them, Na’vi soldiers could know and warn their troops immediately.

Stirring lizard

At night, if any strangers touch them as well, the lizard could fly and stir with the bright color.

Those two special organisms could support Na’vi to warn their troops when any strangers emerge.

However, I would like to design something else to to report the information for Na’vi’s air troops.

My Prototype concept

The following image is the tower. The whole tower is basically made by wood. Navi warriors could climb to the pavilion by stairs and keep watching. Because it’s very tall, guards can see the details as much as they can.

Daily guard tower created by Sketchup.


When Jake and Neytiri first met, Neytiri throw Jake’s torch into river. In addition, through Navi ceremony, we clearly know that Navi could use the fire. So I do believe Na’vi could manage and control the fire.

When the soldiers see the enemies, they can light up the container which fills in dry wood, wet wood and tree oil. Why Na’vi need to prepare use wet wood? Because when some material doesn’t burn fully, it will create CO to make the some thick and black. In the daytime, when the guard kindle the fire goods, the other guards from other floating mountains or home tree could see that kind of thick smoke. At night, when guards kindle the fire goods, others could see the spark across the whole night.

Fire goods container

The fire material container could made by Unobtanium or stone.

“Unobtanium” from Avatar screen shot


So where should Na’vi build up this tower?I think we remembered human attacked home tree pass through the floating mountains. I do believe Navi soldiers could see the intruders and alarm the information by setting the towers on the top of those floating mountains.

Sketchup model
concept images


In my design, the guards must be certificated Ikran riders.

Firstly, Because the guard tower sets up on the floating mountains, it seems more convenient than other Na’vi to replace and take up their post.

Secondly, the Ikran riders which can ride their dragons kindle the fire goods quicker than others. At last, they could retreat in time.

At last, Ikran riders could use fired arrow or fired torch to light up the container.

My prototype

After I designed my tower and the floating mountain, I would like to print it out by 3D printer. So I went to 3D printing room and make a schedule with Jordan. Before printing the prototype, I change the the tower’s format from Skp. to Stl. and to makerbot. And I uploaded my file to the 3D printer and the printer started to print. However, the base of the 3D printer could not stick my object and the bottom of the towers always bend after the 3D ink dried. I had to change the size of the model.

change the model size

Finally, at the third time, I got my final tower!! Even though it missed lots of details but it looks nice.

After I printed the tower, I bought some materials to finish the tower on the top of the floating mountain.

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