Design Fiction

After I watched “minority report”, I really understand the what is the “Design Fiction”. Technology is very important to support human for getting a better life. We use the development of technology to design all kinds of product, and we can quickly think of some creative goods, like automatic driving system, robot-cop, VR technology and etc. Even though couples of technical product didn’t exist right now, they will be launched in a few days later.

Design fiction, in my opinion, is one of the critical fiction which tries to tell our audience about the clash between advanced technology and social value with fictional and narrative scenarios. Therefore, I urgent thought of one of the most famous UK TV, “Black mirror”.

I want to introduce Black mirror season one episode three, The Entire History of You”. This is an era of high-tech people still are being manipulated dolls. Everyone chip implanted behind the ear, can record memories of the past through the chip inside. If you want to see when you can hold “remote control” tune out the memory of the screen to see. No matter which day, which year, which people remember about the scene at any time, you can turn out to be reproduced. When the actor found some clues from the party, suspected his wife and her ex-boyfriend also stained when he desperately asked his wife when the two of them in the end what happened. His wife just told him that has long been a ridiculous love, however he was skeptical that a person continuously and repeatedly looked at him and his wife together fragments during dinner. The next day, chief actor blackmailed his wife’s ex-boyfriend, asking him to remove the fragments of his chips in all the memories about her wife. But when the man removing the memory, the actor still found unexpected discovery of the presence of his wife 18 months ago about his wife, when he and his wife have been married.

After that he returned home, forcing his wife to her 18 months ago and the memory of this man screen tune out to him. She betrayed her ex-boyfriend, and the man can not stand away from home. Her ex-boyfriend left for five days, she slept for four days with a lover. The derailment has put him into just a dead end. Finally, with his wife left him. He played the memory repeatedly about his ex-wife and feel happiness. He really want to figure out the truth since he love his wife so much. However, he cannot stop himself to keep searching. This thing made him so bad. Eventually he chose to take the memorial chip out.

This fiction tells us the technology has its double edge. Even though may the memorial chip could save some importance moment, it may cause the feeling of suspicion between people. I do think this is my understanding of design fiction.

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