Mini-blog#3: Re-Drawing the Exterior

This blog is about re-draw picture with AI. AI is a software which could design vector graphic. And vector is characterized by enlarged image without distortion.

So, let’s figure how can we re-draw the picture? Firstly, I took a photo in front of the UW Stratford campus. The picture is took by day time and the sky is nothing except excessive bright. Therefore, I would like to re-draw this photo with AI.

Shot by Zhi

Here I got the picture with some adjustment. And I finished my design in these following steps.

  1. Use pen tool to select and fill the sky and change from daytime to night time.
  2. Design a vector moon.
  3. Design some flowing snow and shining stars.
  4. Use pen tool to select the windows and the whole wall and change their colors.
  5. Use pen tool to re-draw street lamp and copy third times. After that, I design some smoke under the lamp and make the viewers feel the terrible winter weather.
  6. Design the shadow of the tree and copy couples of times.
  7. Re-draw my car and copy couples of times to cover the rest of cars.
  8. Design some snow cover.
Re-draw by Zhi

In conclusion, I think the key tool in AI is pen tool. It’s like illustrator’s hand. Even through I am a AI starter, I feel lots of fun with that. I will keep practicing in the future.

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