Mark Frohardt

Senior Vice President of Strategic Practice at Internews appearing on Panel 4: Rwanda — After the genocide Dec. 2, 15:00–16:30

Mark Frohardt has focused his career on creating ways for areas of in crisis to deliver and receive information efficiently and effectively.

For two decades before joining Internews, he worked with various United Nations departments and commissions as well as organizations like Medecins Sans Frontieres and the Center for the Study of Societies in Crisis.

In post-genocide Rwanda, Frohardt first served as the Deputy Humanitarian Coordinator for the United Nations Department for Humanitarian Affais, then went on to work as the Deputy Chief of Mission for the UN Human Rights Field Operation for Rwanda.

Frohardt has contributed to many different reports and articles on the topics of communication and digital literacy, including Why Information Matters: A foundation for Resilience and Use and Abuse of Media in Vulnerable Societies.

At the Media and Mass Atrocity conference, Frohardt will be one of the panelists discussing Rwanda after the genocide. He will focus on the importance of media as a tool to foster a culture of critical engagement.