Nick Monaco

Institute for the Future Digital Intelligence Lab researcher appearing on Panel 6: Social Media — The New Media Actor Dec. 3, 8:30–10:00

Nick Monaco is a researcher and computational linguist at the Digital Intelligence Lab at Institute for the Future, where he researches political bots, disinformation and computational propaganda. He is also a member of ComProp, the Computational Propaganda Research Project at the Oxford Internet Institute. He has researched global online political harassment and state-sponsored harassment, and will soon be publishing a paper on the topic along with the former legal director for Privacy International.

Monaco plans to put his expertise to work during the Social Media — The New Media Actor panel by analyzing the current media layout in Rwanda and neighbouring African countries. He plans to speculate about how media, particularly internet technologies and social media, could be used for good or ill as Rwanda’s connectivity increases, and draw global parallels. He will present on Dec. 3 between 8:30 and 10:00 a.m.