Source: Paul Rukesha

Paul Rukesha

Digital Content Development Team Leader, Kigali Genocide Memorial appearing on Panel 4: Rwanda — After the genocide Dec.2, 15:00–16:30

Paul Rukesha received a bachelor’s degree in social sciences at the National University of Rwanda (now University of Rwanda) back in 2007, and is now a Digital Content Development Team Leader at the Kigali Genocide Memorial.

As a part of Aegis Trust, the group that runs the memorial, Rukesha has worked to develop the Genocide Archive of Rwanda at the Kigali Genocide Memorial. He has worked as an indexer cataloguing and preserving records from the genocide. In his current position he is responsible for developing and validating content for the memorial, and has helped coordinate visits from international institutions.

At the Media and Mass Atrocity conference, Rukesha will focus on the Genocide Archive’s efforts to digitize millions of records related to the events of 1994, including documents, transcripts of testimony, recorded testimonials and interviews, media content from 1994 and photographic records. One thing he would like to focus on is the psychological impact the work of digitizing these records can have on those who have to view, catalogue and index the material. Rukesha formerly worked with the National Service of Gacaca Courts, established in response to the massive number of people imprisoned after the genocide.