Theo Dolan

Director, PeaceMedia and PeaceTech Lab Africa appearing on Panel 2: Hate media Dec.2, 11:00 — 12:30

Theo Dolan is the current director of PeaceMedia and PeaceTech Lab Africa, a non-profit organization dedicated to countering violent conflict through media programs and technological connection.

Dolan’s expertise and experience is in developing media to promote peace and counter violence, and creating tools to monitor media and prevent it from being used as a tool of agitation. Dolan joined the U.S. Institute of Peace in 2008, and since then has helped produce special peace media programs such as the Salem Shabab TV show in Iraq and the Sawa Shabab radio program in South Sudan.

At the Media and Mass Atrocity conference panel on hate media, Dolan hopes to focus on PeaceTech’s work combating hate speech in South Sudan, and ways to identify, monitor, and counter online hate speech. He will outline connections between hate speech and hate language online to physical acts of violence.

Dolan has previous experience working internationally with the World Bank Institute and the International Research & Exchanges Board as a media specialist and developer.