Dracula 3000

This is some A-grade shlock right here. The title of this movie is Dracula 3000. Vampires in space. Coolio. How can you expect anything less than a B-movie masterpiece? You cannot and it delivers.

I was laughing throughout it, but I was also floored by the creativity put into it. The Vampires had their own planet. Because of artificial wood, the only thing they could use for stakes was pool cues. A guy in a wheel chair gets tempted into vampirism so he can walk. Androids. Trope killer with the descendant of Van Helsing. It was surprising in that it was terrible but not unoriginal.

That was a part of what made it enjoyable. Also that it didn’t take itself seriously. Bad dialogue. Terrible special effects that are laughter inducing. A plot that didn’t waste time. It got to the action fast.

Was it bad? Absolutely. But it was it also amazing? Yes. Dracula 3000 is a B-movie gem with true soul. These creatures are rare and to be cherished. Bask in its shlockliness.