Just keep swimming….through this book

Pheia Review

I picked up Pheia by Nigel Thompson and put it down a few times. It was hard for me to get really engaged with it, but when I did I blew through it quickly. Once it gets going and defines itself, it gets really interesting and thrilling. Whatever I expected to happen, didn’t happen, so it was also pushing me to see what would happen next, which I really appreciated.

There was this air of authenticity to the science and things that were happening in the water and journey that really made the setting and story. Realism was extremely present. I enjoyed that and found it fascinating. There did not seem to be any ‘magical’ solution — -problems and their solutions were reasonable and based in some sort of scientific reality.

The characters I would not say were that developed, but they served their purpose well enough. Kate was a good choice for the protagonist. She was a more normal person put in the situation which made it more relate-able.

The writing quality was neither excellent nor horrible. It was very to-the-point and direct — -scientific like, which fit the tone of the story. I don’t recall any major mistakes, but some minor punctuation errors. Nothing that impaired my enjoyment.

So, I liked it after finally getting into it. I could definitely see it as a movie. Recommend it for a more science-y-thriller that is grounded more so in reality than science fiction.