The Nice Guys

A Movie Review

There isn’t much to say about this movie other than; “Shane Black is awesome!”

Maybe that’s a bit on the nose but you have to give it to the man, this is a really good movie even if not a perfect one.

The movie starts off introducing us to the two primary characters and gives a peek into what their daily lives are like. One is a guy you call to sort out problems you’d rather not involve the cops with (an enforcer who hurts people for a living..well, forceful passes a message) while the other is a bumbling Private Investigator; an alcoholic and a father to a sassy young lady who lights up the screen and plays a central role up until the credits roll. There’s no pushing aside the young lady and she is lovely to watch.

These characters are played by Russell Crowe, Ryan Gosling and Angourie Rice respectively and Miss Rice absolutely steals the show and is the best part of this movie as far as I’m concerned.

They become involved in a dangerous plot with very nefarious individuals who are willing to do anything to keep their name in the clear no matter the cost.

This movie has everything going for it. It’s smart, it’s funny, there’s action, it gets serious and a story that starts up as a simple case of finding a missing person becomes an even bigger story that goes to places you wouldn’t see coming from the get go (well except for some VERY obvious goofs in the second act of the movie that reduced its enjoyment for me).

It’s a comedy with a heart and I saw no fault in it until the middling end of the second act which I felt was allowed to play out as it did just to move the story along.

This is all forgiven as the third act begins. All is revealed, all the loose ends are tied up and the finale takes place in a car show event that is shot really well while still being peppered with slightly comedic moments.

I’ve never seen Russell Crowe in a comedy before (do I watch enough movies?) and I’ve never seen Gosling in one either but my word, their comedic timing is brilliant and the best part is that they aren’t even consciously trying to be funny.

They rub off each other so well from the first moment they meet that by the end, you believe that they are good for each other and it’s just a joy to watch them work together.

Finally, if you’re a fan of the director or any of the actors in this movie, just see it! It’s worth buying on Blu-ray and makes for a really good time. If you like a good movie, please see this and if you love comedy, you definitely should see this.

Did I mention it was set in the 70s and looks really hip too? Well I just did.

Final Score: 8/10