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Young Justice 2 Season Review

Better than the first and deserving of a third

Young Justice Season 1 was excellent viewing. It combined all aspects of DC into a cohesive whole that was engaging for non-fans and fans. Season 2 continues that legacy and tops it.

Instead of following immediately after Season 1, Season 2 picks up years later. The Young Justice team has changed. Some of the old members have graduated and joined the Justice League. Others have changed allegiances.

And there are many new members that we are introduced to.

Such as:

Blue Beetle/Jamie Reyes

Jamie Reyes was inadvertently joined with an alien piece of technology — the blue scarab. The Scarab gives him armor and weapons, along with it being an AI of its own. Jamie and the Scarab don’t always get along. Jamies warm Human nature clashes with Scarab’s cool logic. Jamie himself is a energetic and dutiful character that you see struggle and never give up.


His identity is a spoiler for an early episode in the season, so I won’t say it but it is pretty clear. Early because Impulse joins the team from the start and is a core force of the story-line. He becomes great friends with Jamie Reyes, the Blue Beetle and their relationship, especially with its context and backdrop is fantastic to behold.

Beast Boy/Garfield Logan

Not truly a ‘new’ character, Beast Boy is the child of Miss Martian’s Human idol, the woman that she imitated as ‘Megan.’ After being given a transfusion of Miss Martian’s blood, he gained the ability to shapeshift into animals. He is a fun and lighthearted character that bounces well off of Megan. A somewhat different Beast Boy than the one in Teen Titans.


Again, Arsenal’s true identity is a spoiler, so I won’t say it, but I will say that I found Arsenal to be hilarious in a sort of off way. He is a man of action. When he is fighting a giant alien alongside Superboy and Wondergirl and they are getting beat down his response isn’t to back out or run but to get a missile launcher. He also has great moments of him desperately trying to survive and not being captured at all costs, which is tragic, but his resourcefulness is so defining.

And many others.

The enlarged cast brings fresh views and opinions to the narrative and changes the scope. Aliens are brought into the fold as a larger presence — the subtitle for the season is ‘Invasion.’ That conflict informs all the others and the effects of the first season weigh on the heroes and cause problems for them. Nothing is lost in the transition and it feels like a natural addition to the existing narrative.

Characters old and new go through arcs that had me at the edge and hooked. I felt for them and with them as the season went on. The end of the season was painful, due to what happened and knowing that it was cancelled.

There are shows that end in a way that is easy to swallow, easy to deal with because the end tied up.

Young Justice is not that type of show.

It ends thinking there would be a third season, which currently there is not one in the works. There have been talks and rumors that Netflix will revive it. I’m hoping, because the show is so good and the ending isn’t a series ending. It needs a follow-up. It needs a third act.

Even though it hangs off at the end, I still recommend it. Young Justice is quality DC Animation and quality TV period. It deserves to be watched and enjoyed, and, maybe, if we all speak on it it’ll be given another chance.