Is Videoshop right for your project?

Film and edit everything all in one app

Last week, I was asked to make a short web video about which news stories USC students are reading. As I prepared to take a few hours to check out a tripod and camera kit, lug them around to interview students, and then bring everything back to edit it on the sometimes-confusing Adobe Premiere, my professor had a novel idea: Why don’t you just film and edit everything on Videoshop?

For $1.99 from the App Store, Videoshop allows buyers to film, trim and edit videos all from a smart phone. Unlike similar apps such as Adobe Clip, it has a built-in text feature.

Videoshop, like every app, has pros and cons — I outlined them below so you can decide if this app is right for your project.


  1. This app is very intuitive. If you’ve ever learned Adobe Premiere, you may recall Googling how to do something only to find that the comma key brings a clip down to your project, which is not something you would have figured out on your own. Meanwhile, Videoshop is a no-tutorial-necessary kind of application. Buttons such as “trim,” “sound,” “voice” and “text” are clearly marked and self-explanatory.

2. It’s less intimidating for your interview subjects. Usually, I find it difficult to get people to talk to me while holding a microphone in their face and pointing an official-looking camera at them. When I used Videoshop, nobody seemed to have a problem speaking to a phone camera because students are so used to being filmed on Snapchat and Instagram.


  1. Trimming can be tedious. Traditional editing programs allow users to drag the cursor to any part of the footage and edit from there. On Videoshop, every time an edit is made, the video plays back from the beginning rather than from a selected section.
  2. The app takes up a lot of memory on your phone. Over the course of making just that short video, I had to delete more than 100 photos and four apps 😬.

In an age when people spend an inordinate amount of time on their phones, editing on an iPhone is an accessible way to make a great video. Hopefully these tips will help you decide whether or not Videoshop is right for your piece.