All the different forms of Trolling

Trolling can take different forms, it can be as a fetish, generative or as a mask. What does all of that really mean? Well, it means that as a fetish it is seen more as a hobby or something they truly get enjoyment of hurting others. It is similar to bullying. Generative could be several different things. It could be people trying to recreate others, maybe other trolls or mocking people such as memes. Trolling via a mask is different in the sense that people are putting aside their actual views in order to hurt others. For example, if the troll was a Trump supporter and they were to put on a “mask” and troll Trump or a Trump supporter it would be considered putting on a mask.

After searching several news articles, it appears the admins have deleted the trolls almost instantly. However, Twitter has become my best friend for this article.

This link has all the forms of trolling. Another is the picture below about John Legend and Chrissy Teigen.

In the above form, you can see the three forms of trolling. The fetish troll is seen in the bottom one and top one. The troll is solely trying to hurt their feelings and looking for “blood”. Generative is the middle one and last one as they play off of each other. The mask is the hardest example to show because it is hard to show the true feelings of the troll but in the link provided above, the Alec Baldwin trolling could be the example of people putting on the mask.

Phillips talks about the thinking behind trolling very vividly in her book. She says, “The father brandishes a box of drug paraphernalia, apparently discovered in his son’s closet, and demands an explanation. “Who taught you how to do this?” the father asks, his voice shaking. The son looks up. “You, alright?” he admits. “I learned it by watching you.” I think this quote is interesting because it explains that trolls learn it not only from other trolls but others such as their parents, friends, cousins, whoever.