Are people really addicted to LINE and Overwatch?

Line is a free social app that can be accessed on mobile devices and computers that allows users to send texts, images, and other content to multiple people at a time. LINE allows for public and private groups (even private messaging) all accessible through ID search or invite. Most people that I know use LINE as their primary source of communication when it comes to gaming, it features a universal network that brings people together to share common interests involving certain subjects.

I chose to observe one of many Overwatch communities on LINE, illustrating the actions and information shared within the group. One can only imagine how someone looks or acts — most of the time you will never meet online friends in person. The community shares all kinds of information ranging from iconic figures to daily life and console gaming shenanigans. At times, people can be very random with content, others focus on in-game fights, etc. As you observe the conversations shared within a group, you can immediately tell whether or not a person is a “troll” or a “decent” person.

Line community: Overwatch (Source: