Baltimore Beatdown!! Free advertisement!!!

Not only am I using this space for free advertisement space for my blog but I am using it to create a 10 frame comic about what people are doing. Imagined communities are essentially people who are apart of a group or community, in very basic terms. As for these digital imagined communities it is taken one step further because most people’s identities, appearance and everything else is anonymous. So, people really can only pay attention to the facts/opinions shared about.

As for my comic, I depicted what it is like to be an article writer. I am depicting my process, and what happens after a story is publish. Unfortunately, this is based on a true story. I have been writing for the beatdown since October and have only gotten one harsh comment. Here is the story of that harsh comment.

Here is a clearer picture of the comment since the storyboard app was not working properly to clearly show it.