Busking as a revolutionary act

The band Cousin Boneless. Source:(https://cousinboneless.bandcamp.com/)

For this experiment we were instructed to create an actual mask that reflects us or someone else’s experience with trolling. I wanted to to introduce my buddy Joey and the band he collaborates with Cousin Boneless. I have met everyone in the band and just to disclose they’re all well grounded, respectable human beings who most of the songs they sing on the street are explicitly lyrically anti-capitalist / anti-government / anti-police / anti-money. They have been touring around the country since 2013 and have even toured in Europe for two months. When my buddy Joey started playing music and eventually starting touring he’d wear this V for Vendetta mask but slightly altered:

Source: GN
Source: GN
Source GN
Source: GN

He explained to me that the mask was a symbol of freedom and expression. Everyone he plays music with agree they do not like how the government operates and how everything revolves around money. While they perform they sometimes “troll” government buildings, police and any place that supports capitalism. Their main genre of music is punk/folk and have to say they’re all pretty talented. They’re non-violent and do not start riots in the streets of where they perform.

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