Defining procrastination: a media experiment

This week for my media experiment I’ve pieced together 3 clips from 3 separate interviews. Each clip features one of my informants defining procrastination in their own words. Each definition features an element of “waiting” to do work, yet all three definitions are distinct. One definition emphasizes waiting until the last minute to do something, while another similarly states that procrastination means waiting until the last day or two to do an assignment. Still, the third definition, most different from the other two, rests on an being overwhelmed or disliking the work as key to procrastination. Defining the term is critical in researching what motivates colleges to procrastinate, and when exactly they are procrastinating. Something I was hoping to get out of this experiment is that when the listener hears each of these people attempting to define procrastination, that they would then become aware of their own definition of procrastination and how it informs their own procrastination habits.