Design Thinking can be interpreted in many ways.

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Design thinking in a nutshell is in many ways can be defined as a method to solve complex problems. Design thinking should be noted that it’s not problem based, rather, it is a way to find solutions and actions oriented towards creating a preferred future. Author Amy Santee currently conducts interviews with anthropologists, Anthropologist In Practice, that currently work outside the academia world. Her focus is to provide sources of information and inspiration to other practitioners and prospective students of anthropology, and to illustrate a wide variety of jobs, skills and competences held by anthropologist for anyone who is curious about what they actually do.

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During her interview, Armonia Alvorada states that, “Design thinking diverges in its deep brainstorming and prototyping phases, which can be very enlightening and useful when it comes to solving problems.” The anthropological views of design thinking as more of a direct approach rather than secondary sources such as surveys. It also emphasis human variability and tries to understand the motivations of people’s decision making and the ability to understand not judge. There is some factors on how ethnographers view design thinking differently than say, an architect or programmer. An architect has to visually and mentally think about the building they’re about to construct. They need to predict what is going to happen with the idea, how it will change the world, will people use the idea as intended? The entire thinking process can vary but ultimately I believe ethnographers, architects, artists, all interpret design thinking in the same way.

Design thinking helps me write a reviews on yelp and other web pages that allow me to write . I have been writing reviews for yelp and other business I’ve conducted transactions before (Starbucks, U-HAUL, Dunkin Donuts, local businesses etc) for awhile now. You’d think it’s easy but it’s rather difficult. I have to make sure that i’m not biased or have any discrimination against the owners or workers. I mainly write appraisals and of course suggestions if my experience was bad. Whenever I write a “critique” review I try not to be dehumanizing or arrogant but rather try to encourage the business to improve so that the future business transactions can be pleasant.

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Design thinking allows us to approach a problem with a practical mindset that allows us to have a better solution. There is a considerable amount of brainstorming, phases and prototypes but in doing so makes us solve problems creatively and efficiently.