Ethnography Research! We are close to finishing this class already! What?!?!?

After doing several hours of research on the evolution of sports journalism, I have broken it down into three groups. Pre-TV, TV and Radio and social media take over.

Pre-TV is predominantly the rise of radio. In this era, sports were either seen in person meaning fans would attend the games or listen to it via the radio. Household radios were the big thing in this era. Sports journalists were essentially play by play announcers who would do everything on the radio whether it be interviews, calling the games or post-game analysis.

After this era, it was the TV/Radio era. The TV/Radio era was interesting as it was a battle of which media would win. Ultimately what happened was car radios settled the debate. It appeared radio took a back seat to the visual aspect of watching the game on TV. In turn, this made professional sports more popular as people could see their favorite players and teams without spending the money to see them at the game.

The next era is the social media take over. This is the modern day era where most sports, sporting event and sports news is broken via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. TV still reigns king but new websites stream the games and allow users to watch online.