Gershon’s analysis experiment starring person A and person B

Interviewing both of my friends, I asked several questions regarding Gershon’s article, one being of social media and job employment. Person A responded with: “I don’t get on social media, so I don’t really care.” Person B notes that his current employer sees no wrong in sharing your true self. While using Facebook, you are given the option of how you want to customize your profile and which connections you would like to add. Most choose to delete old content shown publicly on their profile or make a new account to avoid any misconceptions of themselves.

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Following, I had asked both friends to give three words that described their essence. Person A replied with: “loyal, worked, and chill.” Person B: “developed, sane, and understanding.” I questioned why they chose their responses, one stating they are married, the other — “work.” In our society today, most observe others around them and judge based off one’s ‘persona’. In real time, you might be the average Joe, but your online presence recognizes you as a micro-celebrity. Some employers might use this as an advantage to promote free advertising, though referring to Gershon, one person can’t take the whole workload of a corporation.

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