I Do: A media experiment

My boyfriend’s younger sister is getting married in August. One of the most exciting milestones in any woman’s life is probably the moment when she walks down the aisle and says “I do.” However, for most, a lot of the fun lies in the planning! There is so much to create, so many different ideas, cake flavors, dress styles, flower choices, etc. Back in the day I can only imagine how simple it must have all been, you chose what was available to you. These days the internet basically does it all for us.

When I asked his sister to show me ideas for designs for the wedding I was “surprised,” (aka pleasantly proud of myself for noticing something that tied in with a previous Medium article that I had written) that almost all of her ideas came from Pinterest. Granted I’m just as guilty, I’ve had my wedding Pinterest folder through a cycle of three different boyfriends over my whole five years of college! (disclaimer: it’s normal for girls to plan like this, I’m not crazy I promise) So many of her ideas were super neat and I found myself loving them, but it was interesting to me to see where she initially got inspired and then took it and created her own idea for what she imagined and envisioned for her special day.

To sum it up, I’m excited to get to be all girly with her and share and contrast Pinterest wedding folders. There’s something useful in the simplicity and availability of the app, and the comfort of knowing that all these ideas you’ve envisioned can be saved in this one place to go back to whenever you need the inspiration. Maybe one day when it’s my turn to gnaw on my fingernails over the stress of planning a wedding, she can use her experiences and help me plan my dream day. Goodness knows I can only imagine my Pinterest folder will have grown by then. #asecretpinterestaddict