Imagination: Bringing the past to light

When we think about our childhood we remember our world as we imagined it as a child. We do this by remembering moments, places, people, objects etc. that affected our lives, positively or negatively.

Here I have compiled a set of 4 photos which are seemingly completely random to an onlooker. To me though, these images represent times of yesteryear which bring back fantastic memories of my childhood. These image also help to create my imagined view of my world at this time. I looked forward to riding the dragon roller-coaster at Jeepers in Greenbelt, Maryland whenever someone has a birthday. (Everyone had their birthday parties there) Entire summers were spent wreaking havoc on my neighborhood with my friends playing capture the flag: running through people’s yards, hiding in people’s bushes, using walkie-talkies, which at the time was the greatest thing ever. Endless time and money spent on collecting Pokémon cards, being utterly destroyed when my older sister sold my Ivysaur for a pack of gum. Being a child mall rat at a once prestigious shopping mall that had lost its luster and created an ideal loitering environment for rebellious teenagers.

To you these photos have no significance together, but for me it is how my imagination allows my childhood to live on in my memory.