Imagining new space through sound

This mix is an aural metaphor for an imagined, created environment for a personal tarot reading. On a broad scale, my research focuses on how the tarot, accompanied with a feminist consciousness or framework, is a powerful tool for imagining alternative social realities. This sound project is an example of how accessing divination tools requires a shift in consciousness enabled by a shift in environment. Many tarot readers have specific rituals and environments for doing readings that involve different senses. This can include creating an altar, using candles or incense, playing music, or providing a special table. These elements help to create an environment that is an imaginative reality within itself, and also one that is equipped to enable spiritual connections to the earth, self, past, or future.

For this mix I used songs that I both would, and would not play during a reading to give the listener a sense of the imaginative physical, mental, and emotional environment I create for myself.