Mail Order Brides! The next big thing?

Reading Nicole Constable’s book pertaining to mail order brides was rather fascinating. I thought that it was interesting to read about how these people find love. I always looked down on these people and felt they were less than but the more I read about it, I realized it was not exactly what I thought.

When comparing it to my own surroundings and how I met my girlfriend it was rather similar. The way constable described it, it was glorified online dating with a higher success rate. The mail-order bride obviously has some motives of her own but she wants to find a supportive loving husband. As for me, I found my current and previous ex girlfriends at my job (not the greatest strategy, do not recommend it to anyone). I feel as if Constable talks about the Romance aspect of it in a rather intriguing way.

I go to work and “flirt” with girls looking for a relationship. These soon-to-be husbands do the same thing, online. The difference could be seen as microscopic or monstrous. It could be seen as someone who is using the other, in order to get access to the U.S. While it could bee seen as someone who is not happy with her current situation and the website gives them a way out of the chaos and drama. For me, I work and find a suitable companion.

Constable says, “Although meeting marriage partners from abroad is not new, the Internet has fueled a global imagination and created a time-space compression that has greatly increased the scope and efficiency of introductions and communication between men and women from different parts of the world”. With that narrative in mind, it is a dating service that is bigger than eHarmony, Tinder or any other dating website COMBINED. However, motives are always crucial right? The problem is the motives of why these women come to America but maybe that is the risk of this almost risk-less interaction right?

Bottom line- Women and men who use this service are looking for the same thing as people who meet on the streets, supermarkets and any where else; LOVE. What is love you ask? I have no idea, better ask someone else.