Media Experiment: A Tutoring Experience

Below is a tutoring experience that I sat down and jotted some field notes about on Thursday, March 9th. After the tutoring session was over, I proceeded to ask the tutor, Jessica about her thoughts on tutoring thus far. This is an excerpt of what he had told me.

Jessica: “I’ve had numerous moments as a tutor where was able to apply the skills I learned in the classroom to the real world. For example, I have become more attentive to time because I always make sure to attend each of my appointments ahead of time. I also constantly do a time check throughout each session, which lets my tutee and I know the expectations that could be made with the remaining time. Ummmm, I have become better sympathetic and relatable to people because a vital part of this job is establishing real connections. I want to be their friend first, rather than being perceived as a totalitarian figure. Lastly, I now have a higher appreciation and passion for writing because constantly discussing writing tools and techniques only makes me want to further my own personal growth. The writing center has definitely helped me establish who I am and what I want to be known as in my journey as a writer.”

I thought this excerpt from Jessica was powerful and understanding. As I talked to her, I could feel her passion for what she does as she talked about it. My greatest take away after talking to her was that her tutoring sessions do not only help her tutees, but greatly help her too as a writer.