Media Experiment: Challenging how social media affects the creativity of a designer

For this week’s media experiment, I wanted to test my own creativity. I gave myself a task: to come up with a cool shape using the new technique I’ve learned. I first gave myself about 4.5 minutes to think of something right off the bat without any exposure to other designs. I then allowed myself to go through my favorite Instagram page dedicated to logo designs for one minute and designed something random based off of that in about the same amount of time. As the video shows, I ended up with an L (no pun intended) in the first and a whistle in the second, indicating that social media allowed me to tap into a deeper sense of my creativity. While I don’t think this was a very well planned out experiment, it demonstrates just how much screenwork affects creativity. If I were to redo this experiment, I would test this theory on paper instead of on my computer.