Media Experiment: Digital Photography and Social Media

This media experiment takes the form of photographs taken from my iPhone 6s that show the screenwork that is involved in Digital Photography, specifically, Live Music Photography and the actual photos from my Canon Rebel T5i. Beginning with screenwork, I think a lot of people don’t realize that Photography involves a lot more than just simply taking a photograph. As a music photographer, screenwork is actually a major part for me.

The first four photographs represent screenwork because I must look at the camera screen to see the photos before they’re taken, the computer (or phone) screen with Adobe Lightroom to edit the photos (this also involves creativity), the computer (or phone) screen to post these photos to social media so that the artists can see these photos and then repost them to their social media. Social Media is an important because it allows someone like me, who does not work for a big name outlet or a band, to get exposure. This is how I’m going to be successful in my career.

The next two are actual photographs I have taken at shows this past weekend in Texas, two different shows to be more specific. The kaleidoscope effect on these photos was a creative choice that was achieved through a special lens filter and the tones in the photo were created using Adobe Lightroom. There are so many creative choices that go into photographs and this is something I was not aware of until I really started to take it seriously. All of the photos used in this experiment were edited using Lightroom.

Finally, the last photo is a picture of my website, that serves as my portfolio that will help me to either get photo work or aquire photo passes in order to shoot bigger shows.