Media Experiment — How Instagram became a market and network for artists

Instagram currently has 200 million monthly active users, with 60 million photos being uploaded to the platform every day. A recent survey revealed that 51.5% of art collectors have purchased works from artists they initially discovered through Instagram. Instagram has become an important media platform for artists as a way to start up their artist careers. It enables them to project their work to the world and to create a fan-base. My research paper will focus on the keywords creativity and screenwork. I plan to conduct interviews with artists in the DMV area in order to find out how they’ve used Instagram along with other media platforms to advertise their work and to engage with the artist community. Some artists collaborate with each other as a way to expand their networks, fanbase, and to show appreciation towards their colleagues’ work. In relations to screenwork, I will talk to artists who uses photoshop and other photo-editing softwares as their medium tool to get a better understanding how it the amount spent in front of the screen affects their lives. In the video above, I included a slideshow of screenshots of active artists on Instagram who uses the platform to showcase not only their work but also providing us a glimpse of their life. I also included statistics of how often collectors buy artworks with the help of Instagram.