What does one observe at the UMBC Library?

For my experiment, I decided to visit the UMBC Library around noon and observe the digital space on the first floor. My first thought had been how separated everyone was to each other, following the number of devices present on each table. I expected the library to be somewhat empty during summer, though a constant flow of students had been entering the building every few minutes.

UMBC Library (Source: http://news.umbc.edu/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/Library_Pond15-8606-1920x768.jpg)

While observing the general area, I noticed quite a few students glancing down at their phones while using their laptop and or desktop. The amount of productive work seen was slim to none, most were distracted by conversations and personal interests outside of the educational realm. Nicole Constable brings up the term “commoditization” which is a process by which goods that have some economic value become commodities. Her example is different from that shown in the experiment as hers touches upon individuals thinking that Filipinas are “selling” themselves for the wellbeing of family and personal interest, while the experiment is solely technology based. Laptops, phones, and other digital devices can be distinguished as commodities, I do not view individuals as such.

Observation / Notes (Source: Frederick Henderson)